My SciComm Feature with Applied Biological Materials

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I recently had the honor of being featured in an interview with Applied Biological Materials (abm), a company dedicated to empowering the scientific community. Our engaging conversation covered a wide range of topics, from my journey to neuroscience and experiences in grad school, to my current research and my dedication to science communication.

As a kid, my scientific interests varied widely - chemistry, nuclear physics, materials engineering, and even astronautics. But as I delved into biology during high school, I found my true passion. I was captivated by the complexities of life, which ultimately led me to neuroscience, a field I had hardly heard of until I began university applications.

In grad school, I was fortunate enough to experience a "rotation year," working in three different labs with three different supervisors. This approach enabled me to explore various research methodologies and areas, aiding in my decision to focus on neuroinflammation in neurodegenerative diseases.

Beyond research, I took our conversation to a more public platform, discussing my Instagram channel, @neuroscientist.at.work. Through this channel, I aim to make research more accessible and inspire young minds by showcasing the daily life of a scientist and grad student.

We also delved into my current research, focusing on neuroinflammation and axonal transport proteins. Despite the challenges, especially those associated with working with microglia, I remain positive and hopeful for future breakthroughs.

A typical day in the lab is diverse, ranging from cell culture and molecular biology experiments to dissections. However, I emphasised that the practical work forms less than 50% of my time. The majority is dedicated to reading scientific papers, writing protocols, doing data analysis, and learning new techniques.

The interview also touched upon my achievements, extracurricular activities, and my approach to staying organised amidst a busy schedule. I shared some advice for budding neuroscientists, emphasising the value of gaining practical experience, online courses, and seeking advice from those already in the field.

Check out the interview here.

Cool graphic created by abm to represent me and my work
Cool graphic created by abm to represent me and my work