My interview for Glasgow University's Alumni Magazine

🕒 Approximate reading time: 2 minutes

I am thrilled to share that the University of Glasgow's alumni magazine, 'Avenue', reached out to me recently for an interview. They wanted to delve into my journey as both a student resident and a Living Support Assistant in the university halls.

As a final year student, I have spent my entire academic tenure living within the university's residential facilities. I have been lucky enough to witness the university's thriving student life from a unique perspective. However, my relationship with the halls goes beyond just living there. For the past three years, I have been serving as a Living Support Assistant. This role has allowed me to further connect with our diverse student community and contribute to their experience within the university halls.

The interview with 'Avenue' was a fantastic opportunity to reflect on my experiences and share some insights about university life that I've gathered over the years. I spoke about the camaraderie and friendships formed within the halls, the challenges that students often face while adjusting to university life, and how we, as Living Support Assistants, work to ensure that the student experience is as comfortable and enriching as possible.

One of my most cherished aspects of this role has been seeing students grow and evolve during their time at the university. Being able to provide guidance and support during their transitional phase has been incredibly rewarding. Not only has it given me a sense of purpose, but it's also enriched my own student experience by allowing me to understand different perspectives and cultures.

The interview also brought back fond memories of the various events we organised in the halls. From fresher's welcome parties to cultural nights and study support sessions, these events have been instrumental in fostering a sense of community and belonging among the students.

Being recognised by 'Avenue' has been a delightful surprise and an honour, to say the least. It's a testament to the amazing work we are doing within the university halls and a reflection of the supportive and vibrant community that the University of Glasgow nurtures.

You can read a snippet of the mini interview below.