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Step into the world of my academic and research pursuits, and explore a collection of blog posts sharing my experiments, research techniques, and insights into notable events. Whether you are a fellow researcher, student, or simply someone curious about the world of academia, this website is designed to offer valuable insights and spark conversations. Dive in and discover a wealth of knowledge awaiting you!

Current Positions:

  • Volunteer Research Associate, University of Sussex
  • School Tutor for Neuroscience, University of Sussex
  • Bio:

    Dr. Eleni Christoforidou is a dedicated and accomplished scientist with a PhD in Neuroscience and recognition as an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA). She is a passionate science communicator and STEM educator, proficient in a broad array of molecular, cellular, and biochemical techniques, including RNA sequencing, bioinformatics, microscopy, and image analysis. Eleni's research expertise is centered around the fields of neuroscience and molecular biology, with a strong focus on the study of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Her work at the University of Sussex has been marked by numerous research projects, including the investigation of the link between dynein function, TDP-43 aggregation, and autophagy in ALS. She is an active contributor to scientific knowledge, with several publications in prestigious journals, and has also developed numerous software tools and made valuable datasets publicly available. Eleni's dedication to teaching and public engagement is evident in her work as a STEM educator, and her commitment to science communication is shown on various social platforms.