🏆 RNA Away Day Research Proposal Prize Winner

Mar 2024, Sussex RNA Away Day

For leading a cross-level team to develop and present a winning novel research proposal, showcasing leadership and innovation in RNA research.

🏆 Second Place Winner of the 2023 Curious Curls International Fiction Contest

Jan 2024, Curious Curls Publishing

For my short fiction story "The Allure of the Unseen".

🏆 Exceptional Recognition in a Global Literary Competition

Oct 2023, Oxford Flash Fiction Prize

Placed in the top 10% of international submissions to the Oxford Flash Fiction Prize 2023.

🏆 Top Programming Voice Badge

Sep 2023, LinkedIn

LinkedIn has awarded me the "Top Programming Voice" badge. This exclusive recognition is only given to noteworthy contributors in specialised fields. The badge symbolises not just my active contributions but also their perceived value in the professional community.

🏆 Runner-up prize for the "Commitment to Upskilling - Spirit of Sussex Award" category

Jun 2023, University of Sussex

This prestigious award is a recognition for demonstrating exceptional commitment to personal and professional development through active engagement in various training courses, leadership roles, entrepreneurial activities, language learning, and academic work during university.

🏆 Gold Spirit of Sussex Award

May 2023, University of Sussex

This university accredited certificate is a testament to my dedicated engagement in a wide array of activities and leadership initiatives. It acknowledges my representation of the student body and my development of robust leadership skills. The Gold Award requires a minimum of 75 points (25 for Bronze, 50 for Silver), but I proudly amassed 245 points, significantly exceeding expectations.

🏆 Winner of the Research Image Competition 2022

Jun 2022, Festival of Doctoral Research, University of Sussex

I achieved second place in this competition, which celebrates the visual representation of doctoral research. You can find more information about this competition and my winning entry here.

🏆 Twice Recognised as a Head of College Scholars

Sep 2014 – Jun 2016, University of Glasgow

This distinction was conferred upon me in recognition of my exceptional academic performance during my second and third undergraduate years. I was part of the top 10% of all life sciences, medical, veterinary, and dentistry undergraduate students in my year. Additionally, my active participation in the scheme's extracurricular activities was also acknowledged.

🏆 Recipient of Multiple School Prizes and Scholarships

Jun 2007 – Jun 2012, St Mary's School

  • Awarded a full one-year Scholarship for my exceptional academic performance in 2010-2011.
  • Honoured with three Academic Distinctions for my academic prowess from 2010 to 2012.
  • Earned ten 1st Prizes recognising my outstanding academic performance in various subjects: Computers (2013), Accounting (2010, 2011, 2012), English (2010, 2011), Text Production (2010, 2011), Italian (2011), Science (2007).
  • Received two 2nd Prizes for my commendable academic performance in Mathematics (2012) and Computers (2010).