2018 - 2022, University of Sussex

šŸŽ“ Qualification: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Neuroscience

  • Thesis Title: Investigating the contributions of impaired cytoplasmic dynein 1, TDP-43, and microglia-derived microRNA to the pathology of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

  • Audited courses (Master's level):

    • Mathematics and computational methods for complex systems
    • Intelligence in animals and machines
    • Sensory function and computation
    • Neuronal plasticity and gene regulation
    • Entrepreneurship
  • Activities and societies:

2013 - 2018, University of Glasgow

šŸŽ“ Qualification: Integrated Master of Science (MSci) in Neuroscience with Honours of the First Class

  • MSci Dissertation Title: Role of PKCĪ³ interneurons in generating mechanical allodynia after nerve injury.

  • MSci Thesis Title: Investigating heart rate variability in schizophrenia patients, first-episode psychosis, and clinical high-risk individuals.

  • Honours Thesis Title: Investigating the therapeutic potential of angiotensin-(1-7) in a hypertensive model of stroke.

  • Additional Research Project Title: Investigating the effects of intravenous catecholamines on heart rate and blood pressure under inhalational anaesthesia.

  • Activities and Societies:

    • Founder & President of the GU Organ Donation Society
    • Member of the Neuroscience Society
    • Member of the Badminton Club

2011 - 2013, Institute of Mathematics and Sciences (IMS), Cyprus

šŸŽ“ Qualifications:

  • A-Level Biology (AQA)
  • A-Level Statistics (AQA)

Audited course: A-Level (modules) Mechanics

2009 - 2013, St. Mary's School, Cyprus

šŸŽ“ Qualification: High School Diploma (Science Division)

  • Other Qualifications:

    • A-Level Mathematics (Edexcel)
    • A-Level Greek (Edexcel)
    • European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)
    • Accounting Higher (by London Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
    • Text Production Higher (by London Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
    • CELI 2 B1 Italian Language (by University of Foreigners of Perugia)
    • DELF B1 French Language (by French Ministry of Education)
    • O-Level Modern Greek
    • IGCSE Biology
    • IGCSE Mathematics
    • IGCSE English Language
    • IGCSE English Literature
    • IGCSE French
    • GCSE Italian
  • Audited courses (A-Level equivalent): Chemistry, Physics, English

  • Activities:

    • Pancyprian Chemistry Olympiad 2009
    • Member of the School Choir

2004 - 2013, Afternoon Music School, Cyprus

šŸŽ“ Qualifications:

  • Piano Grade 8 (by Trinity College London)
  • Theory of Music Grade 6 (by Associate Board of the Royal Schools of Music)