Internships & Work Placements

Work Placements

Sep 2016 – Aug 2017 (1 year)

Clinical Psychology Researcher

Project title: Investigating heart rate variability in schizophrenia patients, first-episode psychosis, and clinical high-risk individuals.

Location: University of Glasgow

Supervisor: Prof Peter Uhlhaas

Techniques used:

  • Assessing basic symptoms in the psychosis spectrum in young adults.
  • Assessing sub-clinical psychopathology in clinical-high-risk people.
  • Conducting structured clinical interviews.
  • Participant recruitment and screening.
  • Using magnetoencephalogram-derived data from schizophrenia and clinical-high-risk patients to examine their autonomic nervous system (ANS) activity.
  • Decomposing physiological data into frequency components and quantifying their relative power.
  • Database creation and maintenance for the storage and analysis of longitudinal data from cognitive tests, clinical interviews, and neuropsychological assessments of hundreds of clinical participants.

Research Internships

🔬 Jul 2015 - Aug 2015 (1 month)

Summer Internship at Lifebank Laboratory Ltd, Cyprus

  • Learned the process of cryopreserving human tissues and stem cells for therapeutic purposes.
  • Engaged with advanced molecular biology techniques aimed at detecting genetic disorders and viral infections in newborn human samples.
  • Acquired insights into the practical aspects and challenges of running a cutting-edge biotechnology lab.

🏥 Jun 2015 - Jul 2015 (1 month)

Summer Internship at Ygia Polyclinic Private Hospital, Cyprus

  • Completed 100 hours of clinical rotations across various hospital departments (Paediatric ward, Medical Oncology Centre, Surgical ward, Laboratory Department, Radiology Department, Intensive Treatment Unit, Casualty, and Endoscopy), absorbing knowledge from each specialised setting.
  • Engaged with patients to ensure their understanding and comfort with medical procedures.
  • Practiced and enhanced skills in patient care such as measuring vital signs, administering injections, and implementing infection control protocols.
  • Conducted routine laboratory procedures like urinalysis, urine culture, and blood glucose monitoring.
  • Collaborated with medical professionals, learning to navigate the dynamics of a fast-paced hospital environment.

👩‍⚕️ Sep 2012 - Apr 2013 (8 months)

Internship as a Child Therapist Assistant the Child Development Centre "To Alma", Cyprus

The centre provides comprehensive Early Childhood Intervention services for children aged 0-6 with developmental delays, diagnosed disabilities, or significant risks of delay, fostering their overall growth and development while supporting their families during the critical early years.

  • Shadowed Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapists, learning their unique methodologies and approaches.
  • Assisted in providing early childhood intervention services to children aged 0-6 with developmental delays, diagnosed disabilities, or at risk of delay.
  • Contributed to the family-centric approach of the centre, facilitating parent involvement in therapeutic and educational decision making.